Using Context

You might have seen a array $context parameter numerous time in different class involved in the spellchecking process.

In a pipeline logic execution like the MispellingFinder where every step are isolated from the other and don't share any state:

Source -> Texts -> Text Processor -> Spellchecker -> Misspellings Handler

You might need a way to pass an information from the Source step to the Misspellings Handler for your use case.

An example could be if you want to spellcheck your blog articles (the Source) and want to send email containing the misspellings found and the related article in which they've been found (Mispellings Handler). In that case, the Source can pass the article it's processing in the $context up through the Spellchecker that will attach the context to the misspellings found and all the way to the Misspellings Handler

An implementation of this use case can be found in Create Custom Misspellings Handlers.