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Check misspellings from any text source with the most popular PHP spellchecker.


PHP-Spellchecker is a spellchecker abstraction library for PHP. By providing a unified interface for many different spellcheckers, you’re able to swap out spellcheckers without extensive rewrites.

Using PHP-Spellchecker can eliminate vendor lock-in, reduce technical debt, and improve the testability of your code.


PHP-Spellchecker is a welcoming project for new contributors.

Want to make your first open source contribution? Check the roadmap, pick one task, open an issue and we'll help you go through it πŸ€“πŸš€


The project is still in its initial phase, requiring more real life usage to stabilize its final 1.0.0 API.


  • [ ] Add a CLI that could do something like vendor/bin/php-spellchecker "misspell" Languagetools EchoHandler --lang=en_US
  • [ ] Add asynchronous mechanism to spellcheckers.
  • [ ] Make some computed misspelling properties optional to improve performance for certain use cases (e.g., lines and offset in LanguageTools).
  • [ ] Add a language mapper to manage different representations across spellcheckers.
  • [ ] Evaluate strtok instead of explode to parse lines of text, for performance.
  • [ ] Evaluate MutableMisspelling for performance comparison.
  • [ ] Wrap Webmozart/Assert library exceptions to throw PHP-Spellchecker custom exceptions instead.
  • [ ] Improve the Makefile.


  • [ ] Make a SourceInterface class that's able to have an effect on the used spellchecker configuration.
  • [ ] League/Flysystem source.
  • [ ] Symfony/Finder source.

Text processors

  • [ ] Markdown - Find a way to keep original offset and line of words after stripping.
  • [ ] Add PHPDoc processor.
  • [ ] Add HTML Processor (inspiration).
  • [ ] Add XLIFF Processor (inspiration).

Spell checkers

  • [ ] Cache suggestions of already spellchecked words (PSR-6/PSR-16?).
  • [ ] Pspell - Find way to compute word offset.
  • [ ] LanguageTools - Evaluate HTTPlug library to make API requests.
  • [x] Pspell - find way to list available dictionaries.
  • [x] Add JamSpell spellchecker.
  • [ ] Add NuSpell spellchecker.
  • [ ] Add SymSpell spellchecker.
  • [ ] Add Yandex.Speller API spellchecker.
  • [ ] Add Bing Spell Check API spellchecker.


  • [ ] MonologHandler
  • [ ] ChainedHandler
  • [ ] HTMLReportHandler
  • [ ] XmlReportHandler
  • [ ] JSONReportHandler
  • [ ] ConsoleTableHandler


  • [ ] Add or improve tests with different text encoding.
  • [ ] Refactor duplicate Dockerfile content between PHP images.


We follow SemVer v2.0.0.

There still are many design decisions that should be confronted with real-world usage before thinking about a v1.0.0 stable release:

  • Are TextInterface and MisspellingInterface really useful?
  • Is using generators the right way to go?
  • Should all the contributed spellcheckers be maintained by the package itself?
  • How to design an intuitive CLI given the needed flexibility of usage?
  • Is the "context" array passed through all the layers the right design to handle data sharing?





The MIT License (MIT). Please see license file for more information.

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